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Self-Help in Times of Corona: Vigilance vs. Positive Thinking?

by Loredana Filip

Leaflet in shopwindow, 23.04.2020, Munich. Photograph: Alina Enzensberger

A battle between fear and hope, anxiety and positivity, panic and opportunity. This is how the coronavirus crisis is sometimes depicted. Not only as a battle against a virus, but also an inner struggle between our feelings of hope and anxiety. This dichotomous perspective may be better understood if we consider the culture of self-help, which is bent on overcoming negative feelings. Finding routines, creating to-do lists, acquiring new skills or habits and even starting your own ‘side hustle,’ self-help explodes online. Motivational speakers give tips and advice on how to deal with stress and anxiety. From quarantine workout plans to meditation, building mental resilience or finding opportunities to grow, calls for personal development abound online. A few critical voices also begin to emerge: see for example the call to “stop romanticizing lockdown”.

But does positivity hinder the vigilance of citizens who are expected to be more careful than ever? Self-Help in Times of Corona: Vigilance vs. Positive Thinking? weiterlesen